VI Awesome Things About Final Fantasy III

While I recently declared Chrono Trigger to be the superior Super Nintendo RPG experience, that doesn’t mean I think Final Fantasy III is a steaming pile of triceratops shit. Far from it, in fact. It truly is a fantastic game with a multitude of memorable moments, and just to show that there is no ill-will from Camp Chrono, the following are six reasons why FF3 is one of the greatest games ever:

Yes, this man is the last boss. And it's awesome.

Yes, this man is the last boss. And it's awesome.


Kefka is great. His sinister yet playful theme and his wicked 16-bit laughter are the stuff of legends. While a demented court jester / soldier / flamboyant underling of the Emperor may be an odd choice for a main villain, Kefka pulls it off nicely without all of the pretentious of later Final Fantasy villains.

The Lete River Loop

While it does suck some of the fun out of the game, overlevelling your party while on the Lete River is an awesome exploit that practically everybody has used at least once while playing FF3. It’s simple — set the battle memory so Edgar always uses Auto-Crossbow and Banon always uses Heal, use a penny and a rubber band to keep the ‘B’ button pressed down, and then go to bed . Waking up the next morning to find Terra knowing Fire 3? Priceless. Consider it the “New Game +” of Final Fantasy III.

Genji Glove + Offering + Atma Weapon = Epic Win

This combination, especially late in the game with an overlevelled party, is brutally unfair, yet sadistically amusing. Feel like killing Kefka in a single turn? Well, here ya go.

Quotable Quotes

Chalk it up to a shitty translation if you want, but Final Fantasy III definitely has some awesome and memorable lines:

  • Son of a submariner!
  • Run, run, or you’ll be well done!
  • You can’t escape … nowhere to run … nowhere to hide …
Don't mess with the Phantom Train.

Don't mess with the Phantom Train.

Hell, I still use some of these quotes with my friends, and if I see somebody running down the street, I can help but think that are desperately avoiding becoming well done.

The Opera House

Out of all of the scenarios in the game, this one is perhaps the most memorable, simply because it’s so different than the rest of the game. Read the script, get your lines right, and save the day. Doesn’t hurt that the music is pretty nice, too.



Pure evil.

Quite simply the most fearsome and demonic enemy ever found in an RPG. Just look at those glowing red eyes …

All other monsters in the history of video games bow down the might of the powerful Leafer.

Oh yes, they are most powerful. So powerful, in fact, the Leafers never utilize their awesome might, because doing so would completely destroy the universe. That’s why they just sit there on a bunch of lettuce. Doing anything else would cause mass levels of extinction.

And there you have it. Six great things about a truly great game. But Chrono Trigger is still better …


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