Enter the Blogosphere

So, it’s finally happened. I’ve started a blog.

Yeah, I know, it’s frightening. Completely out of character, really. I mean, I can hardly think of anything interesting or relevant to share on my Facebook or Twitter accounts, let alone on something as in-depth (yet incredibly mundane) as a blog.

But hear me out. Launching a blog is actually something I should have done a long time ago. It’s been ages since I wrote anything creative that wasn’t work related, and you know what? That really burns my toast. Grinds my gears. Gets my goat (wait, I have a goat now?). I’m supposed to be a creative type guy, and I can’t even bear to lay a finger on the keyboard once the work day is done?

Well, fuck that, ‘cuz shit’s a-changing. And it all starts here.

In the end, this blog is simply an outlet to get me writing again. Writing anything, really … whatever the hell pops into my head. Hopefully nothing too lame, however. My plan is to keep this a fairly creative and substantial piece of work, so you won’t see too many posts consisting of “OMG I had choklit ice crem today! and I loves it!!!1!” (besides, that’s what Twitter is for).

Sure, there are many questions. How long will I stick with this blog? Will anybody read it? Should anybody read it? I dunno. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there … and then we’ll send truck after truck across that bridge to determine how much weight it can hold.

"And here ... we ... go!"

"And here ... we ... go!"